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What can you do in Almere with kids? We wondered about it too, but it turns out there are still quite a few activities to do in this city in Flevoland, making it easy to spend an entire weekend here. Almere is fairly central in the Netherlands and from Amsterdam you can be in Almere in half an hour. We already listed before in our blog Lelystad with kids, all the activities in this city and in this blog we do it for the other big city in Flevoland: Almere. Herewith the best activities in Almere with kids.

#1: Fun Forest Almere

On the outskirts of the city you will find Fun Forest Almere. At Fun Forest Almere, you climb in the longest zipline park in the Netherlands. In all, there are eight different courses you can climb. Kids as young as 110 cm can climb at the climbing forest in Almere. In fact, they have two easy courses made especially for the youngest kids. The first route starts at a height of 2.5 meters and the second course is already at a height of 5 meters! In total, these kids get to climb for two hours.

For kids over 130 cm tall, they can do a total of six courses with or without adult supervision. These kids get to spend three hours climbing over nets, bridges and beams to get to the other side. One of these courses at this climbing forest even has a zipline as long as 160 meters. The climbing forest’s most difficult course is only accessible to kids at least 150 cm tall.

Climbing park Fun Forest Almere
Climbing park Fun Forest Almere

The great thing about this activity is that as parents, you can climb along as well and there is plenty of challenge for adults at the different heights as well. We also visited this climbing forest with our daughter and climbed the course for kids 130 cm tall and this was super fun! We climbed a total of four courses in the three hours we had at our disposal.

If you want more information about this fun climbing park in Almere, then read our blog Klimpark Fun Forest Almere, in which we describe in detail our findings about the climbing park.

Family-friendly hotel Almere
Climbing park Fun Forest Almere

#2: Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan

At Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan, there is plenty to do for kids. For example, you will find the Fun Forest climbing park on the grounds, but it is also possible to go monkey watching at the Monkey Foundation. At the City Estate you will find even more animals, as there is also a petting zoo with goats, pigs and sheep, which you can visit and kids can cuddle with the animals here.

You will also find Outdoor Center Almeerderhout here. This center is located in the heart of the Stadsbossen Almere nature reserve, and you can get goodies here for a few euros to walk the Gnome Trail in the area. This Gnome Trail is about 1.5 kilometers long and is meant for the youngest kids.

You will also find two restaurants on the property, both with large outdoor terraces. The pancake restaurant also has a play area for the kids. In short, you can easily spend a day entertaining the family on the estate with all the different activities here. If you want to know more about what there is to do here for kids, check out Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan’s website.

#3: Animal Park Almere Jungle

It is also possible to go to an animal park in Almere with kids. Animal Park Almere Jungle is a fun zoo with both an indoor and outdoor section. Don’t expect the big African animals like the elephant, rhino and lion here, but some smaller animals like the meerkat, turtle and raccoon. In fact, our daughter often finds these animals much more interesting.

In addition to the different animals you can see here, there are also several games in between for kids. For example, kids can do a game where they have to catch bananas, where they have to get a ball through a certain hole (hard to explain) and where they have to guess the different sounds of animals. Our daughter also really enjoyed these activities!

Almere with kids

Afterwards, you can have a drink and a piece of cake in the Jungle Café. Here you also have a nice playground sitting for kids. The weather was lovely, so here we also spent an hour sitting in the sun and eating and drinking. We visited Animal Park Almere Jungle in the afternoon and had a great time here for a few hours.

Dierenpark Almere Jungle can also be found at Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan, so you can perfectly combine several children’s activities in Almere. The entrance fee to the zoo is very reasonable, and for more information on entrance fees, animals and the botanical garden, check out the zoo’s website.

Almere with kids

Other children’s activities Almere

Of course, the four activities listed above are not all you can do with kids in Almere. We list below the other best activities in Almere!

#4 Oostvaardersplassen: a 15-minute drive from the center of Almere is this nature reserve. The park is known for its animals such as cattle, deer and horses. You can do great hiking with kids in this area, and the shortest hiking trail is only a kilometer. You can also walk a Gnome trail here with kids in the nature reserve.

#5 Trampoline Park Hot Jumping Jack: If you are looking for an indoor activity in Almere with kids when the weather is bad, this trampoline park is a fun option. You can book this activity by the hour and we ourselves generally have enough for an hour of jumping with our daughter. You can also play Glow in the dark golf with the family here.

#6 Crazy Laserland: this is a new concept for kids ages eight and up. After all, you can play laser tag outdoors here. The infrared is harmless to the eyes and works simply in daylight. You can even shoot up to 200 meters with your weapon. So kids can safely play outdoor games with each other without fear of harm.

#7 Play Island de Meridiaan: This natural playground is found in Almere Buiten and kids can play here in nature on a play island made of wood, stones and water. Children designed the playground and kids can climb the wooden observation tower or cross the water over the boulders. Keep in mind to bring a set of dry clothes when you visit this play island.

Lelystad with kids
Lelystad with kids

#8 Sail-Today: The city of Almere is located on the water, and during the summer months you can get out on the water in all kinds of ways at Sail-Today. For example, kids can take a sailboat out on the water here and also get lessons in sailing. There are also opportunities here for kitesurfing, windsurfing and supping on a SUP board.

#9 Beach Almere: this beach has a coastline of 42 kilometers and also the largest catamaran beach in Europe. Almere’s largest beach is the Almeerderstrand. The beach is spacious and quite wide and you can sit on the grass as well as on the beach. At beach restaurant Poortdok , you can sit by the water and have a snack and drink with the family.

Family-friendly restaurant Almere

If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Almere to eat at, then pancake house Smullen en Spelen is a really nice option! The concept is that parents can eat and drink at their leisure, while the kids can have fun in both the indoor and outdoor playgrounds. We had dinner here in the evening and we really loved this. It was a hot summer day, so we enjoyed eating outside on the terrace here.

Family-friendly restaurant Almere

Our daughter had a great time in the two playgrounds and soon had a few friends she could play with. We could have easily stayed here much longer afterwards, but unfortunately it was getting late and we had to go home. It is also possible to visit this natural playground without something to eat and drink, in which case you pay a small fee for admission. This is also highly recommended!

Still, the pancakes they serve here are delicious and we ate really good food. By the way, they also have dishes other than pancakes to choose from here. Check out the Smullen en Spelen website for more information on the dishes, playground and hours of operation.

Family-friendly restaurant Almere

Family-friendly hotel Almere

Van der Valk Hotel Almere

During our city trip to Almere, we stayed overnight with our daughter at the van der Valk Hotel Almere. We found this to be a very nice hotel that has modern and spacious rooms and great food and drinks. In addition, we found it really added value that there was a pool and spa at the hotel. This also really allowed us to relax at the end of the day after a full day of activities. We wrote an extensive review blog about the van der Valk Hotel Almere, which you can read here!

van der Valk Almere with kids
van der Valk Hotel Almere review

Besides the van der Valk hotel in Almere, you have several other options in Almere where you can stay with a family of four. We list the best hotels in every price range! Press the blue link for more information!

Budget Hotel: Leonardo Hotel Almere City Center

Mid-range Hotel: Best Western Plus Plaza Almere

Luxury Hotel: Plaza Residence Almere BW Signature Collection

For a list of all hotels in Almere please click here.

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