9 good reasons for adventure travel with kids

For many parents with kids, a faraway family trip is high on the wish list, yet too few parents actually take the plunge and go on a world trip, for example.

There are often doubts about practical matters and doubts about how the kids themselves will experience an extended time away from home. We ourselves went away with our four-year-old daughter for almost 6 months and for us it has been one of the best decisions of our lives.

To convince you too why it’s so much fun to take adventure travel with kids and take this step, we’ve listed 9 good reasons here.

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Trail running HAwaii with kids

Adventure travel with kids #1: You connect with locals tremendously quickly

In many countries, they love kids and you are much more likely to interact with locals than traveling alone. Often the ice is broken right away when you stand with your passports at a strict customs officer and suddenly a small child’s face appears above the counter.

Kids connect quickly, which makes for fun conversations on public transportation, at the store or a sight.

In addition, your kids will play with kids from another country with the greatest of ease, despite not being able to understand each other. As a result, you quickly make contacts with other parents from the country in question and also learn more about their culture.

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Adventure travel with kids #2: You have enormous quality time with your family for a long period of time

In the Netherlands, you are often very busy with work, your social life and your hobbies, and in many families this comes at the expense of quality time together.

On a world trip, you generally have plenty of time to spend all day with your family.

We are definitely not saying that this is always only top and of course it is nice to go out on your own sometimes, but the moments together with the family are really wonderful!

Sri Lanka with kids

Adventure travel with kids #3: You save money by traveling with kids

Yes, you heard correctly! Many people think that traveling with kids must be very expensive, but we found out after our trip around the world with our daughter, that you often don’t spend much at all and sometimes even less.

Because you are traveling with kids, you generally stay in the same place longer and undertake different activities.

Where normally you might be quicker to go on an excursion, now you will be quicker to spend an afternoon with your kids in the playground of some park in the city.

Even with food, we saw that we often spent less. Whereas when we used to travel we would often eat out in restaurants as a couple, now we often ate faster at a joint and cooked regularly. As a result, we often spent less money on food with three people than when there were two of us.

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Tonga playground with kids and family

Adventure travel with kids #4: Kids adapt tremendously quickly

Beforehand, you often worry that when traveling with kids, that they will have to get very used to the new impressions of a country.

Yet it turns out that kids adjust to the new situation tremendously quickly.

Not once in those 6 months did our four-year-old daughter say anything about having to sleep in a different bed again or us going somewhere else.

Each time it was a discovery of the room and its surroundings. The most important thing for kids is to be with their parents and wherever they are in the world doesn’t matter much to them.

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Huka Falls hike New Zealand with kids

Adventure travel with kids #5: It is hugely educational for kids to travel

Kids learn a tremendous amount at a young age and especially when they travel.

As they encounter different cultures, they learn that there are more people living on this earth than just the people in the Netherlands.

Every day your kids gain new impressions and every day they learn things they don’t learn at home in Holland at school.

Often, upon return, kids are ahead of peers rather than behind.

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Family-friendly accommodations Taupo New Zealand

Adventure travel with kids #6: There is always a solution to compulsory education

Compulsory education is perhaps the biggest obstacle for parents with children to avoid going on world trips with kids, precisely.

Still, there is always a solution to ensure that your kids still get the education, they need.

Since there are many questions about compulsory education among parents, we have listed the many options in a separate blog post.

In the end, for most families who went on a world trip, it turns out that the obstacle of compulsory education was not as great as they thought beforehand after all.

Adventure travel with kids #7: Queues at the airport are a thing of the past

Parents with kids are given priority at many airports, and this means that you often don’t have to stand at the back of the line to check in, for example, but often have a separate line for parents with kids.

Also on the plane, parents with (young) kids are often allowed on the plane earlier, than other travelers.

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What to do in Nuwara Eliya with kids

Adventure travel with kids #8: You take much more time for many destinations

If you are traveling alone with adults, your travel pace is often quite high. When we traveled the world with our daughter for 6 months, we stayed in most destinations double the time than we would have gone without our daughter.

This allows you to spend longer in 1 place and also get to know the area much better. For example, we stayed in the same place in Hawaii for 3 weeks and, in retrospect, it was one of the finest destinations we visited on our trip.

Beach Oahu Hawaii with kid
Maldives with kids

Adventure travel with kids #9: You’ll make memories for life

During a trip around the world, you experience so many beautiful and special things with your family that you will remember them fondly years later.

Of course, especially when your kids are young, they won’t remember everything, but what do you yourself remember about the trips you took as a kid to camping in France?

For us, all those wonderful memories we keep making together are immensely valuable and no money can beat that!

In short if you are still in doubt whether to travel with kids, our only advice we can give is: do it! You’ll regret it more later if you didn’t, than if you did go!

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