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What to do in Adelaide with kids? Adelaide is located on the coast in southern Australia. Although the city may not be as well known to families with kids, you can easily spend a few days in Adelaide entertaining the family. The city has several fun children’s activities you can do here. The city is also known for its many parks and many festivals held in the city. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Adelaide for you.

Best travel time Adelaide with kids

You can visit the city of Adelaide with kids year-round. Adelaide has a mild climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Throughout the year, Adelaide doesn’t get that much rain, so you don’t really have a rainy season either. The best travel time is from October through April, as it is summer in Adelaide and temperatures are above 20 degrees most of the day. A great time to visit the city as it is also possible to go swimming with kids, for example.

Transportation to and in Adelaide

Adelaide with kids

Children’s activities Adelaide

#1 Adelaide Zoo

You can take kids to the zoo in Adelaide. The Adelaide Zoo is located in the middle of the city, and its biggest attraction is the panda bear. In addition to this panda bear, you also have several large African animals to view such as the giraffe, lion, zebra, hippopotamus and different types of monkeys. Of course, typical Australian animals are also represented in this zoo.

Another thing to do at the Adelaide Zoo with kids is the section where kids can feed animals. You can buy some food for 2 Australian dollars and feed different animals with it. These are mostly the familiar petting zoo animals. The zoo also has a playground and an interactive area for kids. You can easily spend an entire morning or afternoon at this zoo with the kids.

Another place to go in Adelaide with kids to see animals is the Cleland Wildlife Park. This park is located just outside the center of Adelaide about 20 minutes away by car. Here you will find mostly Australian animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, emus, wombats and koalas, several of which also roam freely throughout the park. Also at this park you can buy a bag of food and feed the animals in the park. Kids can also get close to the animals here and pet kangaroos, for example.

Adelaide with kids

#2 The Beachhouse

A fun place in Adelaide with lots to do for kids is The Beachhouse. This park is located slightly outside the city center on the waterfront and you reach the park in about 15 minutes by car. You can buy a 70, 100 or 120-minute unlimited pass here, where you can do all the activities at The Beachhouse during that time. You can also buy individual credits for the games and attractions in the park.

First, you have a water park located at The Beachhouse with several slides. Keep in mind that kids must be at least 100 cm and 120 cm for the various slides in this water park. In addition, you can play miniature golf with kids at The Beachhouse. The Beachhouse also has several attractions for young kids such as the bumper cars, a carousel, bumper boats and an electric train.

#3 Treeclimb Adelaide

You can also go climbing in Adelaide with kids. The Treeclimb Adelaide climbing park is located right in the city center, and you have courses for kids as well as adults here. Kids can climb on this course if they are taller than 100 cm. Parents cannot climb this course, but can of course walk with the kids.

A kid’s course session lasts 80 minutes and this time includes instruction from a supervisor and putting on climbing gear. You have 3 different courses for kids with a total of 21 different obstacles.

If your kids are taller than 135 cm, they can also climb the adult course here. So at this course you can go climbing with your kids. You have 5 different courses here with a total of 52 different obstacles. In total, a session here lasts 120 minutes. We always find it a fun activity to do with our daughter. Especially also because you can be nice and active with the whole family.

Another climbing park you can visit in Adelaide with kids is West Beach Adventure. This is located slightly outside the city about 15 minutes away by car. Here, kids as young as 120 cm can go climbing as high as 18 meters under adult supervision, and you can also do other spectacular things like the MegaJump and Giant Swing. So this park is especially suitable for slightly older kids who want to go climbing with their parents.

Climbing park Fun Forest Almere

#4 MOD Museum

If you and your kids also enjoy visiting a museum in Adelaide, the MOD Museum is a fun option. Located right in the center of the city, this museum is an interactive museum on science, art and innovation. You have here on 2 floors, several rooms all with a certain theme.

The museum does cater to older kids 15 years old and up. Younger kids are certainly welcome, but some experiments may be too difficult for them. Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays and Sundays and also during certain vacation periods. You can have a great 2 hours of fun here with kids.

Another museum you can visit in Adelaide with kids is South Australia Museum. This is a museum that has free admission and is located right in the center of the city. You’ll find lots of information about Australia’s history, Aborigines and nature. You also have a collection of stuffed animals here that you can check out, and at the entrance, take a moment to see which departments you as a family find interesting and which ones you want to visit.

#5 Belair National Park

As we mentioned in the introduction to this blog, Adelaide is known for its many parks surrounding the city. Belair National Park is one of these parks and this park is located just outside the city about 15 minutes away by car. You can do several short walks here with kids of less than an hour. For example, at the Wilyawa Track hike, you can walk to a waterfall, among other things, in less than an hour.

Belair National Park is also home to Belair Adventure Playground. This is a huge nature playground, where kids can enjoy playing in nature. They have different playground equipment here made of natural materials. For example, here you have several wooden houses, where the kids can play and also several climbing devices. So a cool budget activity in Adelaide!

Children's activities Adelaide

Other children’s activities Adelaide

You can do several other things in Adelaide besides the children’s activities mentioned above. We briefly list the other children’s activities in Adelaide below.

#6 Bounce Inc: the trampoline parks of Bounce Inc. are located throughout Australia and also in Adelaide, kids can go jumping on trampolines and climbing on Bounce’s climbing equipment. You can buy several tickets to the park here, and usually one ticket to such a park for an hour (or 2) is more than enough. This is also a great place to go with kids when the weather is not so good in Adelaide.

#7 The Popeye Cruise: You can also go on a cruise in Adelaide with the family. You can book a 45-minute cruise on the Torrens River and you will sail through the city center. That way, you can see the city from the water in a relaxing way.

#8 Adelaide Aquatic Center: if you are looking for a place to go swimming with kids, this is a nice option. They have 3 different pools here as well as a sauna and steam room. The Leisure pool is especially fun to visit with kids. This pool also has several slides for the kids. This pool is also not that deep, making it suitable for young kids as well.

#9 Woodhouse adventure Park: this is another park, where kids can enjoy playing outdoors. Woodhouse adventure Park is a 25-minute drive from the center of Adelaide, and your options here include a climbing area, a labyrinth, a large ramp you can go down in a tire and an indoor climbing wall, where you can boulder with kids.

Adelaide with kids

#10 Elder Park: this is a fun city park on the river that you can visit with kids. Popeye’s cruises also start here, so these two activities are great to combine. The park is clean and also has enough grassy areas to go on picnics with kids. They also have pedal boats in the park that you can rent.

#11 Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary: in the north of the city (20 minutes away by car) you can go to this tourist attraction with kids. Here you take a kayak out on the water and can see dolphins up close. Because they are wild animals and they are not fixed, you just have no guarantee that you will definitely see them.

#12 Adelaide Botanical Garden: you can also escape the hustle and bustle of the city in Adelaide by visiting the city’s botanical gardens. You can take a walk through these gardens here, and you have free admission to the gardens.

#13 Glenelg Beach: you can also go to the beach in Adelaide with kids. Glenelg beach is a large beach, so you will always have room on this beach with kids. You also have several carnival rides near the beach (including a Ferris wheel) and you can play a game of miniature golf. There are also several parlors where you can buy ice cream with kids.

#14 Pityarilla (Park 19): this is another park in downtown Adelaide and in this park you have a nice playground located (Pityarilla Activity HUB). Kids can play on a variety of equipment made from natural materials in this nature playground. There is also an area where kids can play with water. A nice play place to go to for an hour.

#15 Morialta Conservation Park: this is another nature park in the Adelaide area. You can hike to various waterfalls here, and the park also has a playground for kids. It is even possible to spot koalas in the wild here.

Adelaide with kids

Family-friendly restaurant Adelaide

You can eat out in Adelaide with kids just fine. Adelaide has several nice family-friendly restaurants. We list some of these fun family-friendly restaurants in Adelaide below.

Peter Rabbit Cafe: This family-friendly restaurant is located in the middle of town and you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner outside in the cafe’s garden. It does have a bit of the feel of a beach club and there is a relaxed atmosphere in this hip restaurant. You can eat a variety of egg dishes here, as well as a burger with fries. They also have a variety of fruit smoothies here.

The Hot Pot Guy: This restaurant is also located right in the center of Adelaide and you can eat Asian food here. They have an indoor playground with a large ball pit at this restaurant, where kids can play.

Belair Hotel: this is another family-friendly restaurant in Adelaide with a large play area for kids at the restaurant. This space is next to the restaurant and is filled with beanbags, toys and games. They also have a children’s menu at this restaurant and on Monday nights kids eat here for free.

Beerenberg Farm: this is a strawberry farm, where kids can pick strawberries and it is also possible to have a bite to eat here with the family. You can also have a nice ice cream here with kids.

Children's activities Adelaide

Family-friendly hotel Adelaide

You can stay in Adelaide with kids just fine. You have plenty of family-friendly hotels in the city where you can stay with the family. We list the top rated family-friendly hotels here, and we do so for different price ranges. Click on the blue link for more information about the respective hotel.

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