Achensee with kids

The Achensee is Austria’s largest mountain lake and with its beautiful turquoise blue water, a vacation at the Achensee with kids is definitely recommended. The Achensee lies between the Karwendel Nature Park and the Rofan Mountains at an altitude of 930 meters. Around the lake are 5 villages, which together form the vacation region of Achensee. You’ll find the perfect combination of mountains and water here, making for an awful lot to do with kids for all ages. In this blog, we list all the fun kids’ activities around Achensee!

Best travel time Achensee with kids

The Achensee is a beautiful destination that you can visit all year round, but in the off-season, (some) activities are closed. Want to travel to Achensee with kids during this time? Then check carefully beforehand to see if the children’s activities you would like to do are open. From about the end of April, the spring/summer season begins and most activities reopen after a short vacation period until about the end of October.

Achensee with kids

Transportation to and in Achensee

Achensee is located in the state of Tyrol about 900 kilometers from Utrecht. Therefore, you can easily visit this area by car from the Netherlands. For a sustainable vacation to the Achensee, you can travel by train to Jenbach and from here take a bus to Maurach that will take you to your destination in about 20 minutes.

The villages around the Achensee are all easily reached by bicycle, there are well-constructed bicycle paths (also along the Achensee). So it is definitely advisable to bring bikes or rent them there so you can easily go everywhere. During the peak season, especially on hot summer days, the parking lots can be quite crowded, in which case bicycles are ideal.

The bike path along the Achensee is also good for kids. In fact, along the waterfront, the bike paths are virtually flat.

Achensee with kids

Children’s activities Achensee

#1 Rofan Bahn

A fun activity at the Achensee to do with kids we found to be the Rofan Seilbahn. The Rofan Seilbahn is located in Maurach and from here the gondola takes you to 1840 meters altitude. Besides the fact that a ride up in the gondola is already super fun, of course, you have a spectacular view of the Achensee and the Karwendel Mountains at the top.

Many hiking trails from easy to difficult start from the mountain station. Whatever you choose, you will always have a stunning panorama along the way. Fill your backpack with goodies and enjoy the beautiful nature Austria has to offer.

Achensee with kids

Prefer to eat at a restaurant? At the top of the mountain station there are 3 mountain huts; Berggasthof Rofan, Erfurter Hütte and the Almstüberl. You can enjoy delicious Tyrolean specialties here, and for the kids, the famous and popular Kaiserschmarnn awaits. Right by these restaurants is a large playground where they can go from the mountain station with a slide.

So a nice place for kids to have a good time for a while. Of course, there is also just a walking path for the parents and kids who would rather not go down the big slide! Do you already have slightly older kids who love to climb? Then walk to the Adlerhorst viewing platform for guaranteed fantastic views of the Achensee.

The hiking trails on the mountain are not suitable for strollers. So bring a baby carrier or back carrier for the smaller kids who can’t walk (that far) yet. Will you stay around the mountain station just to go to the playground or one of the mountain huts? Then, of course, it is not a problem.

Achensee with kids

#2 Gramai Alm

Located at the end of a toll road in the beautiful Karwendel Nature Park, Gramai Alm is a great day out with the kids. At the farm of the Gramai Alm is a large restaurant built in the typical Austrian style with terrace where you can eat delicious food with, of course, plenty of choice for the kids.

The kids can have fun in the beautiful large playground with fully equipped playhouse, water course, trampoline and much more. In addition, the kids can watch the cows walk outside in the pasture or feed the goats. There is also a nice store where you can buy many tasty specialties such as local cheese.

The nature park can be reached via Pertisau and is accessible by car, bicycle or on foot. There are several alms, roads and many hiking trails in the preserve, all of which are well marked. You can park your car at the beginning of the nature park off the toll road or drive onto the toll road and drive your car to the Gramai Alm.

A drive through the nature park is beautiful and well worth it! Most trails are not suitable for strollers, so if you want to hike, a baby carrier or back carrier is recommended with small kids.

From the parking lot at the toll gate, it is about a 2-hour walk to Gramai Alm via an easy-to-walk trail with few elevation gains. What we did was drive up the toll road and we parked the car at Alpengasthaus Falzthurn (Sennhutte). From here it is another hour’s walk to the Gramai Alm. We found this distance doable with our daughter who could also walk quite a bit by herself on the easy walking path this way.

Achensee with kids

#3 Atoll Achensee

The Atoll Achensee is located in Maurach on the Achensee. It’s where you’ll find all kinds of children’s activities for young and old together, making it perfect for spending a day (or more) with kids.

A beautiful sandy beach has been created here on the Achensee with beautiful shallow water where the kids can play safely in the clear blue water. The soft white sandy beach invites you to build many sandcastles. If you want to cool off in the water, you can easily dive into the cool mountain lake via several wooden decks with stairs.

Are you with slightly older kids or do you enjoy getting out on the water yourself? Then you can rent sups here to discover the Achensee from the water. (Please note that due to the depth of the lake, the water in the middle of the lake, can be very cold even in the summer!)

In addition, access to the beach also gives access to the large playground called Family Eldorado. The Family Eldorado playground will keep kids entertained for hours, and the playground even has a large adventure ship. This adventure ship has sailed on the Achensee for 60 years and has now been transformed into a play ship for the kids.

End the day with a nice ice cream, cold drink or snack? All that is possible here!

What to do at Achensee with family

#4 By boat to Gaisalm

The idyllically situated Gaisalm is located on the Achensee and can only be reached by boat or on foot (about a 2-hour walk), which is exactly what makes it so special. A boat trip here is an experience in itself and fun for both parents and kids. From the water, the waterfront looks different again and you have beautiful views of the mountains.

At the Gaisalm you can enjoy the famous Tyrolean dishes or sweets. And for the kids, there is the option of ordering smaller portions of some dishes. Next to the Alm there is a fun playground for the kids or they can have fun on the waterfront.

Around the Achensee there are several boat boarding points, so the Gaisalm can be reached from any boarding point. We chose to sail on from the Gaisalm to Achenkirch and spent the rest of our afternoon at the beach. Of course, you can also sail on to one of the other embarkation points to look around. There is enough to do to make a full day of it!

What to do at Achensee with family

#5 The Wusel Seeweg

Don’t feel like swimming but want to do something active? You can hike beautifully along the Achensee with kids. There are beautiful trails that are easy to walk with a stroller. Or bring a scooter or balance bike for the kids so you can cover more distance.

Along the way you will be rewarded with beautiful views and pass small bays or beaches where the kids can play for a while. So be sure to bring some beach toys or other outdoor toys to keep them entertained.

You can also walk the theme trail the Wusel Seeweg, which starts in Maurach on the Seeuferweg and continues along the Achensee to Achenkirch. Along this 3.8-kilometer path are all kinds of riddles the kids can solve or kids’ activities they can do such as a climbing wall or small play equipment.

More information can be found at the information board at Camping Schwarzenau, at the Panorama parking lot or at the start in Maurach on the Seeuferweg by the station sand beach. Wusel postcards are also available here to help kids solve the riddles.

Achensee with kids

#6 Lakeside swimming pools

When you think of a vacation to the Achensee with kids, you probably also think of sunny days on the waterfront. You don’t have to go to Atoll Achensee alone for this, as there are several free swimming spots around the lake where you can spend a wonderful day by the water. Below we list these beaches for you:

  • Beach Seespitz Maurach: sunbathing area also with shaded areas, sanitary facilities and easy access to the water.
  • Strandbad Pertisau: sunbathing area right on the water with playground and sup rental.
  • Badestrand Achensee Nord in Achenkirch: sunbathing area with large playground pirate ship, beach volleyball and kiosk.
  • Badestrand Achenseehof: large sunbathing area with playground and food truck.

Near the beaches are parking lots so you don’t have to walk far. However, this is paid parking.

#7 Children’s program

During the high season, the vacation region Achensee organizes various children’s activities for the age group 4-10 years and a youth program for 10 – 16 years. Consider activities such as pony rides, a day in the life of a bread maker and farmer, adventures in the woods with Elfi the owl or a day filled with water fun. So there is plenty to do in the region to have a very nice family vacation around the Achensee.

Family-friendly restaurant Achensee

Most restaurants in Austria have a children’s menu with multiple options such as pasta bolognese, fries with such things as schnitzel, chicken nuggets or grillwurst, often even including an ice cream. Some restaurants also have a play area or playground outside and often have something to color for the kids. In addition to the above tips, we have this fun tip for you below:

Alpen Gasthof Gern Alm: located in the Karwendel Nature Park reachable via the toll road from Pertisau. Beautifully decorated both inside and outside and from the outdoor terrace you have a beautiful view of the mountains. Next to the terrace is a large playground so you can keep an eye on the kids from the terrace.

Family-friendly restaurant Achensee

Family-friendly hotel Achensee

You can also have great accommodation around the Achensee with kids. There are several nice family-friendly hotels in this area. We list some well-reviewed options in different price ranges by families with kids.

Budget hotel: Appartements Waldruh

Mid-range hotel: Haus Miksch

Luxury hotel: Hotel Bergland

Don’t the above options include a suitable accommodation for you? Then take a look at the complete list of family-friendly accommodations around the Achensee.

About the author: Michel, Yvonne and Lise sold their home and traveled Europe full-time for 3.5 years with their camper van. Their love of the mountains brought them to Austria where they now live. They love traveling, the mountains, hiking and vanlife. On their Instagram account ourvantures, they share their life in Austria, their emigration process and all about the trips and journeys they take.

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