8 reasons why traveling through Sri Lanka is great for families with kids

Sri lanka with kids! 8 top reasons to book today!

Sri Lanka is a great country to visit with kids. More and more families are making a trip to this beautiful country, and for good reason. We will give eight different reasons below, why the country is so suitable to travel with kids.

Sri Lanka with kids
Sri Lanka with kids

Sri lanka with kids #1 The country is malaria-free

In many Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and India, malaria is prevalent and you and your kids will need to take malaria pills. Obviously especially for kids this is not a pleasant circumstance. Sri Lanka is malaria-free, so you won’t suffer from that.

Sri lanka with kids #2 Almost everything for your kid can be bought there

Especially if you have young kids, you drag quite a bit of stuff in your suitcase (think diapers alone for the entire vacation) for a round trip. Fortunately, in Sri Lanka, most things are just for sale.

You can buy the well-known Pamper diapers at the Food City in the larger towns, but of course they also have local brands that are fine to use. With the local brand, do take a size larger of diaper as the sizes are slightly different from those in the Netherlands.

You can also find the familiar jarred foods in supermarkets. In addition, you can buy fresh fruit everywhere, so your kids can get plenty of vitamins during your tour.

sri lanka with kids
itineraries sri lanka

Sri lanka with kids #3 The distances between sights are short

You want to travel quickly from one place to another, especially if you are traveling with small kids. Sri Lanka is enormously small in comparison to neighboring India, for example, and only 1.5 times the size of the Netherlands, making the distances between sights short.

Usually it is only a few hours’ drive to the next destination. Especially compared to other Asian countries, this is a huge advantage of the country. Read our itinerary through Sri Lanka including travel times here.

Sri Lanka with kids
sri lanka with kids
Park Kandy Sri Lanka with family

Sri lanka with kids #4 English is the spoken language in Sri Lanka

You can communicate very easily with the locals because English is the language of communication. Thus, if you need something or want to know your way around, you can communicate with almost anyone in the country. Especially with kids, you have very quick rapport in Sri Lanka. As far as we are concerned, this is really an added value of a tour of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka with kids

Sri lanka with kids #5 The variety of activities is huge

There are few countries, where in such a short distance you can do so many different things with your family. So one minute you’re on
with your kids and you can be on a tropical beach two hours later. Because of this, there is an activity in Sri Lanka for every family member that will excite them.

Sri Lanka with kids

Sri lanka with kids #6 The people are fantastic

What lovely people live in Sri Lanka and what made us as a family feel tremendously welcome in this country. Especially with a kid, you have people everywhere and your kids are also spoiled everywhere. From sweets to gifts, the Sri Lankan will always try to make your kid comfortable.

Also, you hardly need to bargain with tuktuk drivers or cab drivers, as people are generally very honest and they don’t try to scam you.

Sri Lanka with kids
Sri Lanka with kids

Sri lanka with kids #7 You can travel by car with driver for not too much money

A car with driver can easily be arranged in each place, so you don’t have to sit on crowded buses or trains with your kids. We have written a separate article about the many advantages of traveling with a chauffeured car. Expect to spend about 50 euros for a day for a car with driver.

Sri lanka with kids #8 You can have great food with your family there

The typical Sri Lankan dishes of curry, roti and kottu are delicious. If your kid is not such an adventurous eater, there are plenty of restaurants that serve French fries, pizza and burgers. If you make sure to buy enough fresh fruit at the various stores as a snack or with dinner, every family member here can eat a perfectly nutritious meal without gaining 5 pounds during the trip.

Sri Lanka with kids
Sri Lanka with kids

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