7 top activities with kids in Canada’s largest city Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and this modern city has plenty of things for kids to do. Whether you tour Canada or just take a city break to this city, there are enough activities to do with the family to keep you entertained for at least a week. We ourselves spent over a week in Toronto with our family during our tour of Canada, and we have listed the best sights in Toronto with kids for you.

Canada Toronto with kids
Canada Toronto with kids

Toronto with kids #1: Visit Niagara Falls

An excellent day trip from Toronto to one of the most famous attractions in Canada and the United States. You can choose to join a tour from Toronto or rent a car yourself. We rented a car ourselves and that can save a lot of money. Also check out our blog on
rental cars
, what to look out for when renting a car.

The village in Canada Niagara Falls is hugely touristy and there is a lot to do in this village for kids. Check out our blog
Niagara Falls with kids
for detailed information on visiting these falls.

Of course, you can also visit the falls on an organized tour from Toronto with kids. For more information click

Canada Toronto with kids
Niagara Falls Canada with kids

Toronto with kids #2: Visit Centreville Island

This island is all about kids. There is the Centreville amusement park, there are several beaches, you have some great playgrounds and all the facilities you need with kids.

The Centreville amusement park is free to visit and you only pay for the rides you take just like at the carnival. The amusement park is completely designed for small kids and we really found this island super fun to visit with our daughter.

You take the ferry from the port of Toronto to the island. This boat leaves every hour and the crossing takes about 15 minutes. You have a great view of the Toronto skyline from this boat. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at the port and it is all well signposted.

You can buy different
types of tickets
buy and we bought a pass for our daughter that she could enter all the attractions without limit.

In addition, in warm weather, it is fun to visit the beaches of this island with its playgrounds. There is also a water park for kids on the island.

For an overview map of the amusement park click
. For a map of the entire island click

Canada Toronto with kids
Canada Toronto with kids

Toronto with kids #3: See Toronto from the air

The CN Tower in Toronto is Toronto’s most famous building. This tower serves as a transmission tower, as well as a tourist attraction. In fact, you can view the city from as high as 350 meters. For more information on pricing and opening hours click

Toronto with kids #4: Take a day at the beach at Sunnyside Beach

The beaches at Sunnyside Beach are ideal for taking a day at the beach in Toronto in warm weather. Lake Ontario is often too cold to swim in the summer, yet it is possible to swim at the adjacent
Gus Ryder pool
to take a dip with your kids.

Around the beaches are enough grassy areas and a large playground (Sir Casimir Gzowski playground) for the kids to play, and there are also plenty of joints around these beaches where you can have a burger or a pizza.

tour Vancouver with kids
Canada Toronto with kids

Toronto with kids #5: In bad weather, visit the Toronto Aquarium

Like the city of Vancouver, Toronto also has a large Aquarium that you can visit with your kids when the weather is bad. Sharks, turtles, rice stingrays and hundreds more fish are in this Aquarium can be found.

Tickets for the aquarium and a number of other attractions in Toronto can be purchased in advance online through Tiqets, which will help you avoid standing in line.

The week we were there with our family the weather was brilliant in Toronto, so we didn’t have to pull out our bad weather program, but besides this Aquarium there are a number of activities you can do with your kids in this city in bad weather:

  • Museum of Illusions
    . In this museum you can take very funny pictures with your kids.
  • Largest underground shopping mall in the world. The Toronto Eaton Centre. Hundreds of stores and a large food court, where there is something to eat for every member of the family.
  • Royal Ontario Museum. Very large museum with many activities for kids.
  • Lawrence Market. Very famous indoor market, where you can get lots of food. Voted the best indoor market in the world by the National Geografic. Walk through it once and outside you can eat the food cozily, but we didn’t think it was that much.

Tip: 100 meters from the St. Lawrence Market sits St. James Park and there is a nice special playground there.

Touring Vancouver with kids
Canada Toronto with kids

Toronto with kids #6: Visit Playland amusement park

amusement park
north of Toronto can be reached by car in 30 minutes and by public transportation (subway+bus) in just over an hour. The amusement park has huge attractions for young and old, and it also includes a whole water park. Do check the website for length restrictions at the various attractions.

The Splash Works water park has a total of 16 slides and is part of the amusement park. For a map of the amusement park click

Toronto with kids #7: Go for a walk and play in High Park

High Park is the largest public park in Toronto and has a number of fun
for the kids. Especially the Jamie Bell playground in the shape of a castle our daughter really liked.

In addition, there is a public water park here in the park, where the kids can certainly entertain themselves for an hour or two if it is warm. This includes some small eateries, where you can eat something.

Especially for half a day, this High Park is a must visit and walk through the park.

Where to stay in Toronto with kids?

We were in Toronto right downtown in this
beautiful apartment
. The apartment has a kitchen and the complex also includes an indoor and outdoor pool and a jacuzzi. All attractions were within walking distance. Also a 1-minute walk away is a very large supermarket (Maple Leaf Square supermarket).

In this complex you have several beautiful apartments to rent. Click
for two other options in the same building, with the same facilities.

Touring Vancouver with kids
Canada Toronto with kids

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