5 fun activities to do on Coromandel Island with kids

What to do in Coromandel with kids: 5x things to do!

The island of Coromandel is a great destination to spend a day or two with your kids. It is about a 2.5-hour drive from Auckland and has a number of sights worth seeing. Keep in mind that there are few ATMs on the island. We slept in Coromandel for two nights and spent a full day on this island with our daughter. Here are the five activities you can do with your kids on Coromandel Island.

Coromandel with kids#1 Dig a hole on Hot Water Beach

A great morning activity is to visit Hot Water Beach. We ourselves were in the top 10 campground at Hot Water Beach, so we were able to walk from the campground to the beach in the morning. At the campground we had rented a shovel, because Hot Water Beach is known for allowing you to dig your own hot tub here.

Dig a pit on the beach and check briefly that the water running into the pit is warm. If not, dig a little further. If you find hot water, it’s a matter of digging a nice hole for the whole family and then the relaxing can begin.

Be aware that in some places the water is really boiling hot, so don’t let your kids get burned by the water.

Don’t feel like digging or don’t have a shovel at your disposal? No problem! There are enough people digging on the beach that at some point there are enough potholes in which to lie down.

We found this to be an excellent morning activity with our daughter. Since the sea on this beach was pretty wild and the weather was not super good either, we also only stayed on the beach for an hour or two.

Tip: check in advance when it is low tide, as it is only possible to dig your own hot tub then. Around Hot Water Beach, this is marked everywhere.

what to do in coromandel
what to do in coromandel

Coromandel with kids#2 Visit New Zealand’s most beautiful beach

Cathedral Cove Beach is one of New Zealand’s most photographed beaches, and rightly so. It is a beautiful beach with beautiful rocks in the water, which you can be taken to by water cab. We drove by car to the town of Hahei after going to Hot Water Beach in the morning and took the water cab to the beach.

The beach with the rocks is indeed very photogenic, but keep in mind that the beach can be crowded. For more information about the water cab click
If you prefer to go on an organized tour to the first two sights mentioned click

For sporty families, there is also an option to reach this beach by kayak. They have an exclusive tour for families, paddling quietly toward the beach. This tour takes three hours, two to two and a half hours of which you will be on the water with your kids. For more information about this tour click

Tip: Have lunch in Hahei at the
Hahei Beach café
Near this restaurant is a large playground, where our daughter had a great time and we were able to have lunch at leisure. This cafe is within walking distance of the water cab, so great to combine!

what to do in coromandel
what to do in coromandel

Coromandel with kids #3 Visit the Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve

With this boat tour, in addition to Cathedral Cove Beach, you will also visit Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine National Park. On this tour, you will visit several rock formations along the water, go snorkeling and if you are lucky, you can spot dolphins, orcas, penguins and other fish.

Because they sail on a glass bottom boat, very small kids do not have to go into the water, but can see the sea below them through the glass. For families, they have special promotions for this tour. For more information about this tour and tour prices please click

Tip: the tour departs from the town of Whitianga, where you will also find a large playground lie.

what to do in coromandel

Coromandel with kids #4 Explore Coromandel by train

If you want to enjoy nature even more on Coromandel then this train ride with the family is recommended. The train is especially for kids and round trip takes an hour. It is New Zealand’s steepest train ride. Again (as with almost all attractions in New Zealand) they have an offer for families.

Tip: Near this train ride is also a kind of
playground/ amusement park
with many attractions around the water. You can also find this train
already booked in advance.

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Coromandel with kids #5 Have fun at one of the many campsites on Coromandel

Coromandel has some great campsites, with lots of facilities for kids. Think playgrounds, bicycles and sometimes a swimming pool.

We were at
Hot Water Beach top 10 campsite
where our daughter had hours of fun in the playground, trampoline and bicycles for rent here.

On Coromandel, you have several campsites with these facilities. Thus, has
Coromandel Top 10 Holiday Park
besides the playground, trampoline and bicycles, also has a swimming pool, where kids can have fun in the summer.

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