11 top activities to do with kids in Singapore!

Singapore is a fun destination to go to for a few days with your kids, as part of a trip to Asia, for example. The country is safe, super clean and in between all the kids’ activities, you can also soak up a little culture. Actually, you can think of Singapore as a big city where you can do all kinds of things with kids. Therefore, you will not be bored easily in Singapore. It obviously depends on how old your kids are which activities you want to do yourself in this metropolis, but at least we have posted below a great list of activities you can do with your family.

What to do in Singapore with kids #1 Gardens by the Bay

One of Singapore’s most famous sights are the giant trees of Gardens by the Bay. You can walk among the big trees on the high walkway and our daughter found this very exciting and interesting.

Even more interesting than these giant trees was the water playground and regular playground located at these Gardens by the Bay. Singapore (because of the high temperatures) has also made something with water at many attractions, so kids can cool off everywhere.

Therefore, bring swimwear for your kids (and possibly yourself) when you go to Gardens by the Bay. Admission for adults is about 18 euros and for kids half that price.

If you want to book your tickets in advance for this, click

Tip: every evening at Gardens by the Bay there is a light show at 7:45 and 8:45 p.m. at the Super Tree Grove, so if your kids aren’t quite tired from a full day of Singapore, this can be a nice end to your day.

what to do in Singapore with kids
Gardens by the Bay with family Singapore

What to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids

what to do in Singapore with kids #2 Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
is known as one of the most beautiful zoos in the world, and we certainly agree. To get there by public transportation you will be on the road for a while. Take the metro to Khatib metro station (from downtown about 30 minutes) and outside this metro station is clearly marked a stop from where a bus (Mandai Khatib Express) leaves for the zoo for $1 per person. This bus will drop you off at the zoo entrance in about 15 minutes.

The zoo is beautifully landscaped and partly because of the tropical climate, in many places you feel like you are walking through the jungle.

The zoo again includes a water park, so it is recommended that you bring something from swimming gear. Our daughter enjoyed herself here for over an hour.

Also check out the
of the zoo what activities are available on the day you visit the zoo with your kids.

These include opportunities to feed certain animals and various shows throughout the day. Zoo admission is about 20 euros for adults and 15 euros for kids. For kids taller than 106 cm, you also have a water attraction here, for which you have to buy tickets separately.

If you want to book your tickets in advance, click

what to do in Singapore with kids
what to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids #3 Little India and China Town

In these two districts of Singapore, you can soak up culture and buy cheap goodies in the various stores. Both neighborhoods are distinctive and easily accessible by subway.

In Little India you have two famous temples (Buddha Tooth Relic and Sri Marriamman temple), where it is often very crowded. You can go in here yourself and see how the city’s many Indians worshiped their gods.

At the many stalls in Little India, you can buy new sunglasses or some toys for the kids for very little money.

In China Town, you also have impressive temples. We visited the most famous temple here (Thian Hock Keng Temple). These temples are free to visit and you can decide how long you stay here. For us, it was a great excursion at the end of the day to walk through these two neighborhoods for a few hours and soak up culture.

what to do in Singapore with kids #4 water park Wild Wild Wet

If your kids love a spectacular outdoor pool with dozens of slides, then the
WildWildWet water park
is a great option for a full day of family fun. Take the metro to Pasir Ris metro station and from there it’s a short walk to the water park.

You can even rent your own cottage here with refrigerator, safe and towels, but since you’ll be out and about all the time anyway, that’s unnecessary. At the water park there is a food court, where you can eat with your family and get a stamp from the pool if you want to go back inside. With some slides, they work with a minimum length, but there are plenty of slides left for smaller kids.

Tip: We went on a weekday (entrance prices are lower then and it is less crowded) and then the water park is open from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. Beforehand, we visited the beautiful Pasir Ris park with huge playground and that way we had fun all day in one location.

what to do in Singapore with kids family
what to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids #5 Visit Sentosa Island beaches

You can also visit Singapore for a day at the beach, and that’s on
Sentosa Island
. This man-made island has as many as 22 different attractions and is all about entertainment.

How do you get to Sentosa Island? Take the metro to Harbour Front metro station and walk to the third floor of the Vivo citymall . From here, the Sentosa Express Monorail line takes you there and back to this island for 2.5 euros.

There are several beaches on Sentosa Island, of which Palawan and Sentosa Beach are certainly the most famous.

At Palawan beach you also have a large water playground located (pirate ship), where the kids can play for free. Near this beach is also a food court with Western food. You also have a walkway at the beach, where you can walk to the southernmost tip of Asia.

Sentosa Beach is generally a bit busier and here you can play various water sports and beach volleyball.

Tip: You can view Sentosa Island from the air by taking the cable car to the island. Choose exit B from the Harbourfront subway station to Harbourfront center. It is for a round-trip 22 euros for adults and 16 euros for kids. You can go from Harbourfront first up to Mount Faber (for the view) and then go all the way down to Sentosa Island.

What to do in Singapore with kids #6 See the skyline from the water

Singapore has a fantastic skyline and you can enjoy it from the water for about 45 minutes with the boat company Clarke Quay Jetty.

Take the subway to Clarke Quay subway station and there you have several waterfront locations where you can book a boat trip.

We always find it quite relaxing to witness the daily life of a particular city from a boat, so we definitely recommended this boat trip. Prices are about 15 euros for adults and 10 euros for kids.

With older kids, you could also choose to take a brisk walk along the waterfront and the various sights, but keep in mind that it can be very hot in Singapore.

Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids #7 Kidzania Singapore

We hesitated for a long time to go here, especially because of the price, but decided that we wanted to experience this. The entrance fee is about 40 euros for kids and 21 euros for adults, so we still spent over 80 euros with our family.

In Kidzania, the kids can do all kinds of jobs such as baking pizza, making candy and flying an airplane. Kids love this and with each profession, the kids can dress up completely in the style of the profession.

Still, we had mixed feelings about it, as the kids always had to perform the different professions in groups under supervision and in Singapore there is a certain culture that they do not want to leave anything to chance and because of this, it comes at the expense of the kids’ playfulness.

For example, at the different professions, the kids were spoken to quite strictly and often had to wait a long time before they were allowed to do something. Added to that, of course, was the fact that our four-year-old daughter understood little English, so it was not quite top-notch. Whether our daughter noticed much of that herself, it is doubtful, but we did not find this activity to be entirely top notch.

what to do in Singapore with kids
what to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids

Kidzania Singapore with family and kid
Kidzania with family Singapore

what to do in Singapore with kids #8 Botanical Gardens

If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, you and your kids can visit the
botanical gardens
unwind. Because the trees and plants are quite tall, you have many shaded areas in this park.

There are several places to eat (we ourselves had a great meal at a little restaurant in the gardens, which still had a toy kitchenette for the kids, where our daughter easily entertained herself for an hour) and near the gardens is still the Jacob Ballas Children Garden playground, where your kids can still have fun.

Playground Singapore with family and kids

What to do in Singapore with kids #9 Universal Studios Singapore

As previously reported, there are many attractions on Sentosa Island, and one of these attractions is the theme park of
Universal Studios

There are seven different zones to explore and each zone has its own roller coasters, shows, stores, restaurants and street entertainment. The park can be crowded and it is best to buy your tickets in advance online.

You can further buy a kind of fastpass, which allows you to enter several attractions through the fastpass entrance and saves a lot of hours of waiting in the heat. Be sure to check beforehand which attractions your kids are all allowed in, as several operate with minimum height requirements. Especially if you’re going with older kids, this amusement park is obviously a great option for an entire day’s entertainment.

What to do in Singapore with kids #10 Shopping malls off Orchard road

Orchard road is the shopping area of Singapore and has no less than 22 shopping malls. These shopping malls are generally very family-friendly and in most of them you will also find a playground for kids. You often have a food court around this as well, which allows you as a parent to eat at your leisure while your kids are playing.

Singapore shopping mall with kids

What to do in Singapore with kids #11 Marina Bay Sands

We hesitated for a long time to spend a night at the luxury hotel
Marina Bay Sands
, but since we were traveling for 6 months and the price for an overnight stay with the family was around 300 euros, we decided against it.

The Marina Bay Sands hotel is the city’s eye-catcher with its distinct architecture. How great is it to swim with your kids in this hotel’s pool overlooking the entire city? Click here for information on booking a night at this hotel.

So you see there are plenty of activities to do in Singapore with kids. For more tips about Singapore check out the travel blog travel tips Singapore.

what to do in Singapore with kids

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