10 distant islands with kid tested in 6 months

10 distant islands with kid tested in 6 months. Which islands are ideal for an island trip with kids?

On our six-month trip around the world with our daughter, we visited no fewer than 10 different islands. Which islands did we find most suitable for kids? And which islands have the most activities for kids? We will list the different islands and give our opinion on each one.

#1 Maldives

This country is known for its beautiful white beaches and that is also the main reason why you should visit the islands with your kids. That a trip to the Maldives does not have to be expensive, we showed in our travel blog about the island.

Maldives beaches are ideal for kids. On most beaches it slopes very gradually, so you can walk dozens of meters into the sea and still only be up to your knees in the water.

In addition, the water is wonderfully warm, so you really feel like you are in a lovely bath with your kids. Because the water is calm, you can easily snorkel and view tropical fish with your kids.

If you love a beach vacation with your kids, this island is highly recommended!

#2 Sri Lanka

Do you enjoy taking walks? Do you like to go on safari? Do you like to sniff culture during your trip? Do you like to relax on beautiful white beaches? Then Sri Lanka is the country to go to!

This beautiful country has all these activities and most destinations are within a few hours’ travel time of each other.

Another advantage of Sri Lanka is that the country is easily travelable with a private driver.

In addition, the people are incredibly sweet and love kids. Another advantage is that the country is relatively cheap.

If you want to visit a country that is not yet super touristy and has a lot to offer for you and your kids, Sri Lanka is really a top country to visit.

#3 Cuba

Cuba is a vacation country on the rise. Also, the distances between destinations are not super great. The capital Havana is really a fun city to spend a few days with your kids.

You can make a beautiful itinerary here, taking in lots of culture and ending in the town of Varadero for a wonderful beach vacation.

Travel Havana with kids
Travel Havana with kids

#4 Tonga

Tonga is perhaps the most unknown island in this list and is also rarely visited by tourists. Unjustly, we think, as it really has a lot to offer parents with kids.

The big disadvantage of this island is that it is so remote. It is therefore best to visit this country as part of a trip to New Zealand or Australia.

Because the country is not yet heavily visited by tourists, tourism is still in its infancy. Because of this, facilities are still a bit lacking. Still, there are plenty of cheap day trips here with kids to beautiful subtropical islands.

If you are looking for a special country, where you are one of the few tourists, then Tonga is a beautiful country to visit.

#5 Fiji

The island of Fiji is visited by many travelers as part of a trip to Australia or New Zealand. Therefore, the facilities here are better than a country like Tonga, but the prices are also a lot higher.

From the capital, Nadi, you can use a sort of Hop On Hop Off boat to visit dozens of offshore islands. This includes plenty of islands, where you can find very family-friendly resorts. We have already listed some of these resorts in our blog on Fiji here.

You do come to Fiji purely for the beaches, as there is not much else to visit with kids. If you want to attach a week of beach fun to your trip through Australia or New Zealand, then the island of Fiji is definitely an option.

#6 Samoa

Samoa is near the islands of Fiji and Tonga and is somewhat in the middle in terms of tourism. Opportunities to visit beautiful beaches and islands from the capital are disappointing. However, you can visit beautiful beaches, waterfalls and lakes in a day trip around the island with a rental car.

If we had to choose between the three islands of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, we would not choose Samoa first as an ideal island to visit with kids.

#7 North Island New Zealand

New Zealand has been popular with many families with kids for years. As in the Netherlands, the facilities are top notch for kids and the sights impressive. However, this is primarily a destination for families who love nature.

New Zealand is very compact compared to Australia, for example, so travel time between destinations is generally small. This is really a plus with small kids.

If you want an active vacation, where you and your kids spend a lot of time in nature, New Zealand is really an island to visit.

Travel routes New Zealand
Tongariro hike

#8 Hawaii

Hawaii is definitely in our top 3 islands that are ideal for kids. We spent almost three weeks on the island of Oahu and had a top time here.

The big disadvantage of Hawaii is that it is quite remote. From Los Angeles, it’s another 5.5-hour flight to Hawaii.

Yet the various islands have much to offer. Especially many beautiful beaches and lots of nature. Each island is hugely diverse, making it easy to spend a few weeks hopping from one island to another with kids.

We ourselves spent three weeks on Oahu and had a great time with our daughter. For inspiration and information about the other islands, check out this travel blog by Karlijn.

#9 The Bahamas

The island of the Bahamas is very touristy and overrun by cruise ships and Americans. Because of this, prices for tours are also very high. This makes sense, of course, because it has to do with supply and demand.

For us, the Bahamas was a necessary stopover because we could no longer fly directly between the U.S. and Cuba.

Still, we were impressed with Cabbage Beach. This beautiful white beach is still run by locals, so prices for food, drinks and a beach bed are still relatively low.

Looking at the other islands we have visited, the Bah amas is not super high on our list.

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Cuba with kids

#10 Vancouver Island

This island in Canada is very popular with families with kids who love nature. For an active vacation, this island is the place to be. Surfing, fishing, whale and bear watching, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking are great activities to do with kids here.

In addition, Canada is a Western country, where facilities are fine. It does, however, cause prices to be a lot higher than going to islands in developing countries.

You can easily spend a few weeks on Vancouver Island. If you are still looking for a great route through Canada with kids, read this travel blog.

If you are also planning to visit some of these islands as part of a world trip and need help planning a world trip, take a look at our various travel blogs we have written about taking a world trip with your family.

Tour Western Canada with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

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